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Penn St.   Leave a comment

I applaud the folks at Penn St. for swift and decisive action. This event is only rivaled by 9/11 itself in shock.
To all the sanctimoniuous heros in the media and otherwise I salute you for your persecution of Mr. McQueary, not!
This young man showed great courage in his own right. No, it was not the perfect response, but how could he know that, and furthermore without his effort would this scandal have ever come to light? Would Mr. Paterno et al at the least have been questioned? I doubt it.
I heard Mr. Curry say on ESPN say this is a situation where we should look inside ourselves before we pass judgement. Truer words were never spoken! Similarly to 9/11 many folks after the fact have all the answers and can place blame to whom they choose. They were not there and are not held accountable for their opinions. These folks simply do not understand shock.
Mr. McQueary, a subordinate at best, came forward and told one of the most respected and loved men in the history of Pennsylvania. Whom could he trust more to do the right thing? He did not go into that lockeroom looking for this problem. He happened onto it. He spoke. The rest is history.
I am scared to think, if this persecution continues of Mr. McQueary, the next person who stumbles upon such a macabre scene will stay silent. Again I salute you sanctimonious heros NOT!

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Mikel Harrington at CD with son of Giant’s Causeway   Leave a comment

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New York Horseracing   Leave a comment

Bravo!  You guys always were the no nonsense champions of the rules.  In short, it means you care about the thoroughbreds.  Well done, Bravo!

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What a rare thoroughbred Gio Ponte is! Well done Mr. Clement!   Leave a comment

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Mr. Fabre proves again he is the best by far. How come nobody is surprised?   Leave a comment

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Mr. Fabre   Leave a comment

There are those of us who think we can train thoroughbreds, and then there is Mr. Fabre!  He finally got his English Derby.  He is the best.

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